Sharon Wadsworth   Victoria BC

Dave and Nick never cease to amaze me! I called them up with a serious pump problem that had to be attended to before my upcoming road trip.Very short notice but they made room for me the next day and I was on my way.Their assessment of the problem and the cost was accurate(no surprises)! They also did some preventative work which saved me a lot of money down the road.Friendly,professional and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.Thanks you guys! 


Jeanenne Aucoin Victoria BC
Ok these guys are the best y'all. They have worked on all my cars in my family including my big rv. They are honest, they are courteous,they always do what they say they will do-never anything you didn't want done. I do not buy a vehicle without them giving me the ok because I trust them to give me the most honest answer. I have sent countless people to them all with only compliments! If you need any mechanical repairs or advice these are your guys!! Seriously. 

As a long-time customer I highly recommend Jade Auto Service.  I have been a very satisfied customer since they opened in 1998. Dave & Nick are good, competent honest mechanics. As well as very accommodating at arranging times for service. I am convinced.They have saved me hundreds of dollars by convincing me to buy new cars twice, saving on repairs, as well as giving me good advice on buying a car.  I worked for the Times Colonist for 25 years and was in the forces for 44 years and feel good about giving this testimonial. 

John Hungar  Victoria BC

Steve Thomas   Victoria BC

Make that great service. Our family vehicles have been service here for over ten years. Always honest, helpful, and priced fairly, and no unwelcome surprises. Open Saturdays too. Dave and Nick are the best. Thanks guys!

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